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Valerio Giuntoli | Fashion Design/Artist

It’s 1975. Valerio Giuntoli, brilliant designer and fashion consultant, begins his company of custom-made Italian boots and women’s footwear: the El vaquero Brand is born. It’s the peak of his career started at 17 years old in a shoe factory in Tuscany and strengthened by an incredible footwear and fashion knowledge. Since the early patterns, Valerio imposes his own particular vision of style conquering the artist reputation: his ideas are real and genuine artwork, unique and special.

Valerio’s endless inspiration continues in a crescendo that leads him to process themes dear to the post-atomic and hippie culture, welcoming all kinds of musical, social and artistic movements, which are taken out of their original context, reinterpreted with a touch of creative madness, and fed into a unique and contemporary product, which deviates from the ordinary to become extraordinary.




El Vaquero: artisanal passion, Tuscany tradition.

El Vaquero creation are born from Valerio’s mind and they come alive with passion and the effort of our artisans, skilled shoemakers that breathe their precious knowledge in every new product, handling the smooth leather to create real masterpiece. The driving force behind the brand is the combination of this knowledge with the persistent research of new exclusive material, production techniques and suggestions from customers and collaborators.

The special treatment used for the vintage effect is the result of years of study bringing into the life an innovative product, handmade in every single part by respecting nature and people. This is the secret of the famed vintage effect El Vaquero: the special treatments that create undefined color fluctuations and shades, which makes the product different from each other and defines the uniqueness.

El Vaquero boots are a guarantee that belongs to your life: quality of materials, attention to details and research of new ideas that brings excellent results, admired around the world. Above all, comfort reigns. The complete ease, basic characteristic of our boots, is the achievement of years of research on materials and careful attention to the design of the shoe. El Vaquero is much more than a simple boot. It’s the set of creativity, care and professionalism of artisans that put heart and soul into their work every day for more than 40 years.

Valerio & Nicholas: Unity is the real strenght

The ten-year collaboration between Valerio and his son Nicholas gave a blast of freshness and creativity to new collections. Nicholas, along with his father, has selected most of the stylistic heritage from nooks and crannies and experimented with new manual treatments for aging materials. The long journey of study and research that grasp the vintage spirit chased over the years to impress it to future collections El Vaquero.

Today the famous Indian Boots of the 80s has evolved: enriched by small details and renovated to the styles of the moment and continues to be an icon of elegance and comfort.


The El Vaquero Woman is a free spirit, a traveler, always enterprising and curious. She knows herself, what she wants and she can’t wait to go and get it. She is the exception that blurs the rule, she is a beautiful anomaly in the system.

Proud and wild, romantic when needed, she has the world at her feet, no expenses spared.

A human soul explorer, a travel passionate and pure wanderlust: every experience enriches her style, making it unique and sophisticated. Her look is a combination of thousand of trips, with a few, firmed principles: respect for nature and love of art. This makes her a modern bohemian, a bit “rebel gypsy” and ‘retrò hippie’, perfect ambassador for our brand.

For more than 30 years El Vaquero is riding the wave of international success that shows no signs of slowing down with bold and original footwear, surprising and transgressive in a word: unconventional. It is all thanks to Valerio Giuntoli, creator of the brand and fashion designer, one of the most talented designer of high fashion can turning a simple intuition into a new revolutionary trend, as powerful as it is innovative..


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VALERIO GIUNTOLI CORPORATION s.r.l. Progetto Co-finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

VALERIO GIUNTOLI CORPORATION SRL Operazione/Progetto finanziato nel quadro del POR FESR 2014-2020
Progetto: Internazionalizzazione di VALERIO GIUNTOLI CORPORATION SRL

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