Federica Pieroni

Marketing e communication Rue des mille

15 June 2020

"Federica is a colleague and friend, we are united by the love for the work of our fathers, and the visceral desire to make the brands of our families known to the world. I am proud and excited to present her contribution to our blog, a story of an independent woman and her journey to her homeland and family."
Nicholas Giuntoli Ceo El Vaquero

There is always a moment, the precise point in time when you feel that something has changed.
That specific instant when a journey begins, the journey home.
My particular moment occurred in the winter of 2017, when I decided to leave my job and dedicate myself completely to the family business.
The name of the road my brothers and I are travelling, alongside those who saw it for the first time, is Rue des Milles.
Rue des Mille is brand of youthful and upbeat jewellery, fashioned with passion and fuelled by enduring bonds.
In my company’s background there is a special story: the story of a father who leaves the legacy of a dream, and of sons who want to make it come true.
A modern and extraordinary fairytale which restores the fashion world’s most authentic value.
If it is true that family cannot be chosen, it is equally true that you can choose to live it to its fullest potential; and this is what we decided to do as we sat around a table surrounded by friendly faces and familiar smiles.
Giacomo, Tommaso, my mother, my uncle and myself: a team united to restore the memory of a father who, in the distant 1980’s, suggested to his talented wife, who was passionate about jewellery, to create a brand.
And here it is. A brand which carries his memory, his name, and the road from which it all began.
And here we are, united in life and work, allies and colleagues, motivated by the same desire to take action.
Granted that it isn’t easy to reconcile sentiments and business activities.
It’s a game of very fine, almost tenuous balances. It is a challenge, driven by love and the conviction that together we can surely achieve the best.
Are you familiar with the precise instant when a decision must be made?
That instant was when I immediately recognized that this was my destiny. The road of the fragrances and innocent memories of my childhood, the road home.
And home, for me, also means fashion.
It means design, contacts, photographers; it means injecting each idea with the same love that stimulates drawing pencils and fingers on the keyboard. It means adding something even more valuable to the precious metals of our creations, the authenticity of a dream.
It is with my brothers and I that the Rue des Mille has taken on its current image, meets Influencers, takes part in Coachella, chooses the most captivating trends.
And it is because of us that it never loses its original warmth, created by people who love each other and love their work, so much so that they no longer distinguish it from life.
This is our idea of fashion, this is the future we are investing our energies in, this is the fairytale which we never tire of writing.
Along the way home, I have chosen my family, my company, my passion: Rue Des Mille.
Federica Pieroni

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