Marco Bucco


14 December 2022

Everything changes, everything moves and the only way to capture an instant is through photography. 

I started as a photojournalist for the biggest media agencies and I was very fond about action photography, as in sports, where capturing a moment of athletes is the prerogative. A moment almost imperceptible to the human eye yet captured forever in an image. 

The kind of image I have been producing since I started shooting with a Kodak Instamatic is a clear and sharp image, as in an attempt to put the flow of life in order. Movement and order, nearly a lost challenge, because what dominates the universe is chaos and what I try to do with my camera is to stop it and put it in order, how crazy! I love challenges and I run away from everything that is pre-established and routine, and this affects my work and the type of photos I take. 

After working with the biggest newspapers in the world, I decided to tackle another side of photography, fashion, while not giving up the sector I love the most, automotive and yachting, having in my portfolio clients such as Ferrari, Riva, Ferretti, Maserati, etc. 

Unfortunately, more and more requests were coming in for still life photography, hence also high jewellery, where I applied my madness of organising and putting as much order as possible to the objects I shot. And I got so passionate about this type of photography that I became a photographer for many fashion companies, such as Gucci, where I had to organise e-commerce shoots where the main goal is to accelerate and coordinate production flows.

It was at this point that I met El Vaquero, a company and reality different from those I had known until then, a family of people who love their work and product. The attention to detail and the uniqueness of their products make me photograph each piece as if it was, and indeed is, one of a kind. Each boot is different from the others, each customer will have a unique product that will stand out among all the others. Each time, I find a different leather, a detail, a different sole to enhance and show in its splendour. Colours and nuances are an indispensable prerogative of El Vaquero products. Shooting a shoe from this company is like shooting a piece of jewellery, each piece needs its own light, reflection and shape. 

And now on to the next projects and challenges! Who knows what I’ll have to capture tomorrow, but I’m sure that it will be an exciting and fun challenge, because if I don't have fun, I can't create.

VALERIO GIUNTOLI CORPORATION s.r.l. Progetto Co-finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

VALERIO GIUNTOLI CORPORATION SRL Operazione/Progetto finanziato nel quadro del POR FESR 2014-2020
Progetto: Internazionalizzazione di VALERIO GIUNTOLI CORPORATION SRL

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